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Doctors For You in Canada

Doctors For You makes it easy to find Canadian Doctor's Offices, Surgery Clinics plus all kinds of Specialists and Surgeons. Click on a city, then look up your local doctor or read the reviews to find a new one.

Medical professionals in the directory include family doctors that are general practitioners plus many types of specialist Doctors in Canada.

We provide listings of private clinics for Lasik laser eye surgery and other forms of cosmetic surgery in canada.

Doctors by Province or Territory

Ontario Doctors - 8773
British Columbia Doctors - 4605
Quebec Doctors - 3197
Alberta Doctors - 1912
Saskatchewan Doctors - 996
Manitoba Doctors - 660
Nova Scotia Doctors - 412
New Brunswick Doctors - 341
Newfoundland Doctors - 285
Prince Edward Island Doctors - 46
Northwest Territories Doctors - 19
Yukon Doctors - 14

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Name : N Khan
Address: 3000 Lawrence Avenue E
City: Scarborough, ON
Phone: 416-850-4167


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