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Name : Bantock C Dr Phys & Surg
Address: 321 Nicola Street
City: Kamloops, BC
Phone: 250-372-5522
Doctors in City: Hamilton, ON , Canada


Hamilton, Canada Doctors For You| Talk to your new Hamilton, Ontario Doctor now!

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Grek Adrian Dr

Guenter Dale Dr Family Practice

Gulati Sanjeev Dr Nephrologist

Guscott Taylor Mood Disorder Clinic

Hadcock Steven Dr Phys

Hamilton Community Health Centre

Hamilton General Hospital

Hamilton General Hospital Dr

Hamilton Laser Eye Institute

Hamilton Pain Management Cent

Hamilton Plastic Surgery Centre

Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia

Hamilton Wentworth District School

Hamilton Wentworth Vd Clinic

Harper William Dr

Hart Regional Fertility Centre Inc


Healthy Family Medical Clinic

Henderson General Hospital

Henderson General Hospital

Henderson R J Dr Phys

Higgins D Dr

Holbrook A M Dr

Holland F John Dr













Huzel Lisa Dr

Inch F A Dr

Ingram Alistair Dr

Israel Koma Dr Phys

Issenman Robert M Dr

Jay R M

Kahnamoui K Dr

Kaplan Ronald D Dr

Kapoor Anil Dr

Kapur P L Dr

Kearon M C Dr

Kenilworth Family Practice Clinic

Kerigan A T Dr

Khokhar Jawad Dr

King West Medical Associates

Klinghoffer O Dr Phys

Kobetz Lawrence E Dr Eye Specialist

Koole J Dr

Koziak S J Dr Phys

Krepinsky J Dr

Kristofferson M Dr

Kronby Michael H Dr Neurologist

Lamb S B Dr Phys

Lamy Andre Dr

Lane J Dr

Lapinsky J G Dr Phys

Latimer E J Dr

Leggett P J Dr Family Physician

Lennard Nancy Dr Phys

Lester F T Dr Internist

Letcher Kevin Dr

Levine Mitchell Dr

Levy Medical Clinic

Levy Memorial Sports Injuries Clinic

Lightheart Margaret Dr Phys

Lipman E L Dr Psychtrst

Liszauer Allan D Dr Eye Physician

Lloyd R Dr

Lo Raymond Dr Neurolgst

Loosley Millman Margot Dr

Loveless P A Dr Phys

Lovrics Peter Genl Surg

Ludwin David Dr

Macqueen G Dr

Madronich John S Dr

Magda Z Dr Phys

Mah Jung Dr Orthopedic Surgeon

Mahoney W J Dr Pediatrcn

Main West Laser Clinic

Mandel Scott Dr Orthopdc Surg

Margetts Peter Dr

Marrin Michael L Dr

Martin James A Dr Eye Specialist

Martin Stuart Dr Surg

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1. Adelarin Dosumu
She is the best family Doctor anyone can wish for....

2. G.R
I have seen Dr Green for over 35yrs. His care,......

3. zerom seyoum
I was referred to Dr Mckevitt for colonoscopy.......

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1 . Wyszogrodski I Dr
2 . Yaremko John Dr
3 . Yaremko Marie Dr
4 . Yee Gordon Docteur
5 . Zadeh Teanoosh Chirurgplast
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