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Name : Rideau Friel Medical Clinic
Address: 421 Rideau Street
City: Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-789-7707
Doctors in City: Saskatoon, SK , Canada


Saskatoon, Canada Doctors For You| Obtain your new Saskatoon, Saskatchewan MD now!

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Chernoff R Parker R D & Yelland Joel C

City Centre Family Physicians P C

Clapson Brian Blushke Jeff Duval Caro

Community Clinic

Conlon Dr M Ronan Medical Prof Co

Dahl Eileen Dr

Davidson Marilyn & Gilliland B & S

Doig A F Dr Physician

Duval B Harington M B Spelay J Lawlor

Eldemire A W Dr Physician

Enweani C Dr Physician

Epp Annette & Gilliland B & Sheridan M

Erindale X-Ray

Eustace Veronica Dr Physician

Ezzat Ahmed & Gilliland B & Sheridan M

Fairlight Medical Clinic

Fentie Don D Barrett Peter H Tarange

Fenton S L Dr Physician

Franke Gordon & Gore Hickman Rick &

Fyfe Ryan Dr Chiropractor

Gabruch T K Dr Physician

Gilliland Barry & Sheridan M & Sm

Goluboff S S Dr Physician

Gonor Saul E Barrett Peter H Tarange

Gore Hickman Rick & Wright Grant &

Hamilton Keith Dr Eye Specialist

Hamilton W Keith & Murphy P H Drs

Hansen Garry Dr Surgeon

Hardy Larry Dr Allergist

Harington M B Spelay J Lawlor B Pfeife

Harrington A J Dr Physician

Hayes Paul Dr Oleniuk Fred Dr & Sesha

Hayes Paul General Advanced Laparo

Heritage Square Medical Clinic

Horizon Laser Vision Centre

Howlett E Dr Physician

Huerto Carlos Dr

Jamil Najma & Wilson Diana Rg & Kost

Kenderdine Medical Clinic

Khan R Dr

Khanna Charu & Stewart Lois & Kohll Da

Klassen E H Dr Physician

Klym Carol & Stewart Lois & Kohll Da

Kohll David & Klym Carol & Stewart

Kostyniuk Ron & Wilson Diana Rg & Jami

Krochak M B Dr Physician

Kukha Mohamad Shirwan Dr Psychiatrist

Kusch E C Chernoff R Parker R D & Ye

Lau P C K Barrett Peter H Taranger Lawr

Lawlor B Pfeifer J Ulmer B Bigsby

Le Roux Carl Dr

Ledray L L Dr Physician

Lenore Center Medical Clinic

Loback D McLvor G & Reilly J Drs

Lopez R P McGettigan J Baldwin H R Bay

Martel Jocelyne & Gilliland B & S

Martens B R Bowman C P & Shukla S Drs

McGettigan J Baldwin

McIvor G Reilly J & Loback D Drs

McKee W H Dr Physician

McKerrell J Dr Surgeon

McMahon Selma Dr Physician

Minor Emergency Clinic

Misfeldt Marlys Dr

Dr Murphy, Eye Specialist

Naugler Gary Dr

Nayar A Dr Physician

Nickel Lucy Dr Physician

Nomani S Dr Physician

North Heights X-Ray

Nykiforuk E M Dr

Ogunmodede David Dr Physician

Old C L Dr Physician

Oleniuk Fred Dr Advanced Laparo

Oleniuk Fred Dr Hayes Paul Dr & Sesha

Orthopaedic Associates

Otani Christine Dr Physician

Packham Ave Medical Clinic

Pamar Management Limited

Parker R D Yelland Joel C Kusch E C & C

Payton Natasha & Gilliland B & S

Pekush Robert D Dr

Pfeifer J Lawlor B Ulmer B Bigsby

Pinehouse Lawson Walk in Medical Clin

Plastic Surgicentre Inc

Pleasant Hill Medical Clinic

Pleasant Hill Plaza Medical Centre

Pleasant Hill X-Ray

Powalinsky Agnes Dr

Queen Street Medical Group

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1. Adelarin Dosumu
She is the best family Doctor anyone can wish for....

2. G.R
I have seen Dr Green for over 35yrs. His care,......

3. zerom seyoum
I was referred to Dr Mckevitt for colonoscopy.......

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1 . Wyszogrodski I Dr
2 . Yaremko John Dr
3 . Yaremko Marie Dr
4 . Yee Gordon Docteur
5 . Zadeh Teanoosh Chirurgplast
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